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Proven Track Record


Ortek was founded in 2001 as a contingency based recruiting firm,

assisting  pharmaceutical  companies  with  requisitions  requiring  experience in a niche therapeutic product category. Ortek quickly developed a reputation of success bringing to the table top tier candidates who were passively interested in exploring new opportunities.

Over the years Ortek has blossomed into a full-service talent acquisition firm serving numerous types of organizations comprising  medical clinics, pharmaceuticals, biotechs and non-profits.   

At Ortek we take advantage of cyber recruiting, online job-boards and 

social networks, yet we simultaneously reach out to candidates directly to get to know them on a personal level and we make the time to understand their career objectives and ideal working 

environments. This approach fosters long-term relationships built on the foundations of integrity, honesty and

trust and is at the core of why Ortek has exhibited steady growth in the

midst of one of the largest financial crises in decades.

About Us


Ortek is a full-service talent acquisition and recruiting firm. We provide ), retained search, contract staffing, contingency search and lead generation to clients in the life science and health care sector.

To provide these services, Ortek employs a staff of highly trained professionals recruiters, HR project managers, and  researchers. 

The firm can serve as "outsourced support staff" to an overworked in-house recruiting team or even take over

the entire recruitment process under an RPO or similar arrangement.